Fridge Magnet Making (Credit Card Size)


Using offset printing, our magnets are made from high-quality materials with a glossy or matte surface guaranteed to last for very long!


50% deposit required.

Lead time of approximately 2 weeks.

Free delivery for order above S$500, delivery fee of $10-30 (depends on location) for orders less than S$500.

Add $0.04/pc for each individual polybag.


Size: About 8.6cm x 5.4cm (size similar to namecard/credit card)

Design: To provide us artwork OR Name/Photo/License & Contact Details

1000 pcs = $400 ($0.40/pc)

2000 pcs = $700 ($0.35/pc) POPULAR!

3000 pcs = $1020 ($0.34/pc)

5000 pcs = $1350 ($0.27/pc)

8000 pcs = $1760 ($0.22/pc) VALUABLE!




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