Pull Out Drawer-type Tshirt Flatbed Printing Heatpress Machine


Inclusive of: 1 pack consisting 100 sheets of Dye-Sublimation Paper, A4 size + 4 sheets of A4-size Heat Transfer Paper (2 sheets of Jet Pro SS and 2 sheets of 3G Dark Opaque) + 5 t-shirts (dri fit, random colours + sizes) + Anti-Hot Sponge + Teflon Sheet (50cm by 50cm)

Free Delivery Service + Setup + Warranty Period of 6 months.

Desktop Size, do not need extra electricity load to operate.

This heat press is ideal for a whole range of items ranging from dri fit t-shirts to jigsaws, mouse pads, coasters, and many more. It’s suitable for heat pressing fabrics, ceramics, metals, or other materials designed for heat transfer.

The pressure can also be adjusted to cater to a wide variety of materials which are thick / thin.

Voltage: 220v

Power: 1800w

Weight: 28 kg

Pre-heat time: About 7 – 11 minutes

Heating board size: 38 x 38CM

Package size: 74 X 47 X 46 CM

Timer control: Adjustable from 0-999 seconds

Suggested Temperature :0-220℃

Heat Shirt Printing machine comes with 6 months warranty and after sales support from Singapore.

Can be used for printing flat surfaces like shirts, tiles, puzzles, mouse pad, coasters, etc.

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1. Directly allows transfers onto T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates and other flat surfaced items with consistent heat temperature.
2.The machine could transfer images such as photos, words on cotton, fiber, metal, ceramic, glass and so on. No need to have drawing software or skill knowledge.
3. Pull-out drawer type clamshell configuration
4.Digital LCD timer and temperature control makes setting more accurate.
5.Full-range pressure-adjustment knob allows the pressure to be adjusted according to the thickness of the material you’re transferring to.
6.Upgraded elevated lower platen allows room for t-shirts to be easily placed into and removed from machine.
7.Parallel arm handle with ergonomic foam-grip minimizes handle flex when opening and closing the machine.
8.Teflon-coated element is non-stick, preventing scorching of transfers, and does not require a separate silicone/teflon sheet.
9.Rigid steel frame industrial strength and durability allows for long-term use.



Pull Out Drawer Type Clamshell Heatpress Machine 38cm x 38cm
Pull Out Drawer Type Clamshell Heatpress Machine 38cm x 38cm

Pull Out Drawer Type Clamshell Heatpress Machine 38cm x 38cm Singapore Pull Out Drawer Type Clamshell Heatpress Machine 38cm x 38cm GeBIZ vendor Pull Out Drawer Type Clamshell Heatpress Machine 38cm x 38cm

GE Digital Imaging, we are a ready-stock supplier of Tshirt Printing Machine, mug printing machine using fast heatpress method.


This clamshell heat press machine gives you a large area for t-shirt and fabric heat transferring. What’s nice about clamshell heat presses is they can save room over the standard swing arm heat presses, and, can be easier to manage depending on the set up of your work area.


Teflon sheets are great for both fabric and heat press protection for any type of heat transfer. The Teflon protects the shirt and the press while still allowing heat to transfer the design.


Note: 100% cotton shirts are ideal for silkscreen printing, DTG, and printing using heat transfer paper. For sublimation printing, take note that 100% cotton fabric are not suitable unless they have been poly-coated.
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