Sublimation Paper (100sheets/pack, A4, Made in Taiwan)


This is A4 size. Price shown is for 100 sheets of sublimation paper/pack.
Thickness: 100gsm
Transfer Rate: As high as 95%


To use, print on the coated white colour side, mirror-image printing, do not use high speed printing, to be used together with dye-sublimation ink printer.
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This Made In Taiwan Sublimation Paper is compatible with all types of dye-sublimation printers, including Richoh, Sawgrass etc, and is specially coated for sublimation.

What is sublimation and how does it work?

Sublimation printing is a great way to personalize your own shirts, coasters, water bottles, jigsaw puzzles, mousepads and etc. It is similar to heat transfer, however it is a process where the image becomes an actual part of the item. You will not be able to feel the paper on the product after printing simply because only the ink gets to be transferred over. Sublimation uses sublimation paper, ink and polyester-coated items that all react with each other. When heated to high temperatures (160 to 180 degree celsius) + timing (10seconds to 45seconds), sublimation ink turns into gas state and the pores of the polyester coated item open up allowing the gas to enter. Then, once removed from the heatpress machine, the pores of the polyester item close up trapping the ink inside of the item, thus, absorbing the ink. Sublimation items are smooth to the touch. You won’t be able to feel any image outline if you run your fingers across the sublimated item. The colors are vivid and vibrant, they can last for many years!



  • White or light color polyester fabric garment, such as dri fit shirts, or sublimation blanks such as mugs etc. For best results, use fabric with tight weave.
  • A Heat press machine (clamshell heatpress, swingaway heat press, mug printing, pen press machine etc)
  • Teflon Sheet
  • Sublimation printer loaded with sublimation ink inside
  • Sublimation Transfer Paper


1) Be sure to set your printer setting to mirror image prior to printing.
2) Be sure to print on the bright side / smoother side / white side of the paper.
3) Be sure to print using only sublimation ink and sublimation paper.




1) Preheat your heatpress machine to the required temperature (usually about 170 – 185 degree celsius / 370 – 400 degree F). You will usually need to wait for 7 to 10 mins to let the machine heat up.
2) Without putting your printed image first, just press your garment for 3-5 seconds to release moisture and remove wrinkles.
3) Once done, place your printed image face down onto the tshirt.
4) Use heat resistant tape to tape the paper edges onto the blank securely to prevent ghosting from happening.
5) Place Teflon sheet on top of the sublimation paper, this is to protect your heat plate.
6) For fabric sublimation, you may press at 400ºF for about 30 to 35 seconds at medium pressure.
7) When the time is finished, open the heatpress and quickly separate your product and the paper. You will have a beautiful image on your product.


What is the difference between Sublimation Paper and Heat Transfer Paper?

We print on sublimation paper using sublimation ink to print out the images using mirror image setting, then transfer the image onto the media by applying heat and pressure, which makes the sublimation ink turn into gaseous state and absorb by the media. Sublimation paper + ink can transfer the printed image onto polyester, mouse pad, banner and hard surfaces, such as mugs, ceramic and aluminium plates.

Heat transfer paper is applicable to heat transfer, on which images can be printed using normal home printers by heating and pressuring in order to transfer the image onto media. Heat transfer paper can accept a wider range of ink types, such as with pigment ink, solvent ink such as home / office inkjet ink, laser ink etc. 

Heat transfer paper is usually transferred onto cotton.


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