Mug Printing Machine / Mug Press Maker / Ceramic Mug Heat Press

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Comes with FREE delivery + training + setup + 6 months local warranty.

Inclusive of: 1 Teflon Sheet (50 cm x 50 cm) + 20 sheets of Sublimation Paper, A4 size + 10 pieces of high-grade coated sublimation white mugs (330ml)

Desktop Size using normal domestic home/school electricity load, do not need higher electricity load to operate. Suitable for school / home / office usage.

Corresponding print transfer area: About 20 cm x 9.5 cm

Watt: 350W

Temperature range: 0 – 490 degree F / 0 – 250 degree C

Optimal Temperature: Not to exceed 200 degree C

Time range: 0 – 240 seconds

Power input: 220V

Overall dimension: 11 1/2″ L * 11″ W * 5 1/2″ H


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This mug press machine is popular among schools who are developing their students under the Makers Faire program!

Having a sublimation printer + mug printing machine in the school allow them to let their creativity flow, learning and discovering new business / knowledge skill and lifelong practical skillset.

We are proud to have supported the MOE and private teachers by supplying the schools the necessary equipments and blanks and at the same time, also have imparted valuable knowledge and training to them so that they can teach the students the same. Maker Faire allow students to showcase their best work through hands-on do-it-yourself activities and it means schools are no longer about just studying and taking examinations.

We welcome teachers, educators to contact us if you are interested to introduce sublimation printing techniques to your students. We provide free training (1-2 hours) when we deliver the equipment. Rest assured we DO NOT just sell you the products and leave.


Teflon sheets are essential as it act as a protection for any type of heat transfer.

Note: Not all ceramic mugs are suitable for sublimation as they may not be coated. DO NOT USE MUGS IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF THEY ARE SUITABLE FOR SUBLIMATION AS YOU MAY DAMAGE YOUR MUG PRESS.

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