What is Heat Press Machine used for?

What is the Heat Press Machine and what can it do for me?

Heat Press Machine is like a flatbed iron, but the temperature is much higher. It allows you to do sublimation printing, Heat Transfer Paper and Heat Transfer Vinyl. The flatbed machine can work on anything that is flat. From bags, t-shirt, towel to flat key chain, jigsaw puzzle, mousepad, etc. You just have to use to correct type of print.

Why buy from GE Digital?

At GE Digital, we provide 24/7 customer care and service. We are local and we are just a phone call away should you encounter problem with your machine. Since we are located locally, we provide warranty to your machine, thus you can buy with ease knowing that you have someone to fall back on when your machine is not working properly. We also supply the consumables like t-shirts, bags, cups, etc. We test all our supplies before putting it up for sale, so you can be assured that the quality is suitable to be used for the various printing. We are also learning about the printing everyday, when we discover something new that we can do with our machine, we will also share the knowledge with you. When you buy from us, we will also give you lots of trial supplies so that you can try them on your machine and get to know your machine before you start your printing journey. We will also supply you with all the templates and heat information you need, by doing so, you will waste less supplies and earn more.

In the past, these Heat Press Machines can only be found mainly in Katong Shopping Centre and Queenway Shopping Centre where we print most of our Secondary class T-shirt, during that time, we used only the Heat Transfer Paper. So it feels like a patch on the T-shirt, depending on quality and how vigorous our mothers wash our T-shirt, the print may fall off. Now, the latest print type is Sublimation Printing. It is not new in the US, but it is fairly new in Singapore. It prints onto your t-shirt leaving no patch, so it is very comfortable and the wash is more lasting, it doesn’t fall off so easily. Sublimation printing is also used for mug and plate printing as well.

Today, a lot of schools are getting them for their Makers Space and we also see an increase number of homebased businesses buying from us to start their homebased printing business.

You can be your own boss too. Call us @ 8788 8058 today to find out more about the Heat Press Machine. Talk to us and we will advice you on the machine that would suit you and your budget. You can also make an appointment with us and pop by our studio to take a look and have a hands on session on the different types of machines before deciding.

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