TransMax Heat Transfer Paper, Light or White Fabric (A4, 5sheets/pk)


TransMax Heat Transfer Paper, Light or White Fabric (A4, 5sheets/pk)

Price Shown Is for 5 Sheets, includes free normal mail delivery.

This is A4 size.

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Features: Vibrant, durable and natural-looking. Perfect for creating custom T-shirts, baby onesies, pillows, totes and other fabric items. Can be used for either a hot OR a cold peel! Can be applied to 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends, 100% polyester.

Size: A4 Packing: 5 sheets/ pack

Designed for transferring inkjet images to light or white garments and substrates including T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, leather, along with other garments. The image can be cut with cutter plotter or trimmed using scissors as desired. This paper can be used with pigment ink too, the colors will be vivid after transferring, offering durability as well.


1. Print the image using any home inkjet printer (Need to select mirror image)
2. Trim or plotter cut the desired image.
3. Put the image flat down, facing the fabric.
4. Using heatpres machine, cover with a telfon sheet on the image.
5. Heat transfer: Around 185 degrees c, 20 seconds, 35~40 psi (Medium pressure)
6. Hot peel when the time is up.


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