Forever Multi-TRANS transfer paper for hard surfaces (A4, 3sheets/pk)


Price Shown Is for 3 Sheets, includes free normal mail delivery. This is A4 size.


Features: Vibrant, durable and natural-looking. Perfect for creating custom T-shirts, baby onesies, pillows, totes and other fabric items. Can be used for either a hot OR a cold peel! Can be applied to 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends, 100% polyester. Designed for transferring images to surfaces such as onto mugs, wood, plates, beer steins, magnetic vinyls, chromolux, tiles, mirror, acrylic glass, metal, nylon, pens, CDs, this popular paper been in use for over 16 years with excellent transfer results and long-term dependability.


FOREVER Multi-Trans is a heat applied transfer paper for printing onto any hard surface that will fit under your heatpress; and won’t melt at 200°C.
• Paper & Print: Transparency, Multi-Purpose Tray • White Toner Density: +3 (Calibration at the printer panel) • Image Mode: mirror image PRINT SETTINGS FOR OKI Pro8432WT: • Paper & Print: User Type 1, Multi-Purpose Tray • White Toner Density: +3 (Calibration at the printer panel) • Color Paper Settings: +2 (Set at the printer panel) PRINT SETTINGS FOR CMYK PRINTERS: Only for light colored mugs • Paper & Print: Transparency (Film/Foil) or similar TRANSFER PROCESS • Preheat your mug press before use. • Position & fix the printed image to the mug using a heat resistant tape. • Put the mug in the press. • Press by using the settings (white & coloured mugs: 140°C / 284°F • 180 sec • high pressure)
• IMPORTANT: The timer of the mug press should not start until the mug has reached the set temperature. If your press does not do this automatically, increase the press time to 4 minutes! • Cool the mug down by dipping into cold water. Make sure the transfer media is soft before peeling. ATTENTION: At this point, the mug is very hot. Take precautions when moving the mug. Wear your anti-hot gloves.
TIPS & TRICKS • The light marks that may appear after the application process, can be easily removed with Isopropanol. • Using the Mug Press Silicone Pad helps distribute the heat evenly around the whole mug & transfer. The pressing parameters can vary by using a silicone pad. • If you put the mug in the oven at 160°C / 320°F for 15 minutes the scratch resistance will be better.
• Set the temperature of the transfer press to 200°C / 390°F. • Place the transfer paper on the substrate and cover both with the silicone pad / teflon sheet with 3 – 5mm thickness. • Place the sensor of the digital thermometer between the transfer paper and the substrate. (Relevant is the temperature on the surface of the substrate which is shown through the digital thermometer. The printing time depends on the size (mass) of the substrate.) • Open the transfer press when the below mentioned temperature is achieved and peel off the transfer paper as indicated below.
• ATTENTION: At this point, the material is very hot. Take precautions when moving it. Wear your anti-hot gloves.


ALUMINIUM for automatic heat press: 4-5 bar (55-70 PSI) opening temp (min): 120°C (250°F) When to peel: Warm or cold
ADHESIVE FILM 4-5 bar (55-70 PSI) 130°C (265°F) Let cool down for 5-10 sec.
CHROMOLUX BINDER 3-4 bar (40-60 PSI) 10 seconds 100-110°C (210-230°F) Warm or cold
CERAMIC TILE 4-5 bar (55-70 PSI) 130°C (265°F) Warm or cold WOOD 3 bar (40 PSI) 20 seconds 130°C (266°F) Immediately
MAGNETIC VINYL 4-5 bar (55-70 PSI) 110-120°C (230-250°F) Warm or cold 60 sec.
ACRYLIC GLASS 4-5 bar (55-70 PSI) 100-105°C (210-220°F) Let it cool down for 5-10 sec.
MIRROR 4-5 bar (55-70 PSI) 145°C (265°F) Warm or cold
MOUSE PAD 4-5 bar (55-70 PSI) 110°C (230°F) Warm or cold



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