8-in-1 Combo Heatpress Machine

$1,600.00 $1,300.00

  1.  standard component: clamshell flatbed (flat surface 29*38cm)
  2. standard component: for diameter 7.9-8.3cm’s mugs (about 320 – 330ml’s mugs, 11 oz mugs)
  3. standard component: for cap (size of about 8*14cm)
  4. standard component: for ceramic plates (8 inch, diameter of about 12 cm or less)
  5. for diameter 7.7cm’s mugs (small 8-9oz mug) (about 230ml’s mugs)
  6. for conical/latte mugs of about 12 oz
  7. for big conical/latte mugs, 17 oz
  8. for ceramic plates (of size 10 inch, diameter of about 15cm or less)

Inclusive of: 1 pack consisting 100 sheets of Dye-Sublimation Paper, A4 size + 4 sheets of A4-size Heat Transfer Paper (2 sheets of Jet Pro SS and 2 sheets of 3G Dark Opaque) + 5 t-shirts (dri fit, random colours + sizes) + 5 top grade AAA sublimation mugs + Anti-Hot Sponge + Teflon Sheet (50cm by 50cm)

Free Delivery Service + Training + Setup + Warranty Period of 6 months.

Desktop Size using normal domestic home/school electricity load, do not need higher electricity load to operate.


Weight: approximately 30kg

Voltage: 220V

Watt: Approximately 1300 Watt


This heat press is ideal for a whole range of items ranging from dri fit t-shirts to jigsaws, mouse pads, coasters, mugs, caps, plates and many more. It’s suitable for heat pressing fabrics, ceramics, metals, or other materials designed for heat transfer. The pressure can also be adjusted to cater to a wide variety of materials which are thick / thin.


GE Digital Imaging – Supplier of Heat Press Machines (Combo Heat Press, Mug Press, Cap Press, Pen Press, Plate Press, Clamshell Flatbed Heat Press, Swingaway Heat Press)

We also sell supplies and consumables such as blank mugs, tshirts, water bottles, key chains, umbrella, sublimation printers, dye-sublimation ink, heat transfer papers, heat resistant tape etc etc, pls enquire directly.


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